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With everything we do, customer satisfaction always comes first. Hire Mezzo Recovery and rest assured you’ll be pleased with our services, just like our clients, who you can read more about below.

Client 2


Music Editor, USA, California

Matt - What can I say? He is some kind of mad-scientist-magician when it comes to restoring the un-restorable. I have worked with him several times now on projects where large swaths of data were supposedly unrecoverable or totally missing. Somehow, by drilling down into the raw 1s and 0s on the tapes and by using his "very particular set of skills,” he was able to restore every single file that had originally been archived. I can not recommend him highly enough!

Thomas A. Carlson - IMDb



Grammy-winning Producer/Mixer, USA, California

I didn’t have high hopes of finding someone with the right combination of hardware, software, and conversion ability to restore this 20+ year old data tape into a workable modern format, but searching online I found Matt (all the way across the sea), and he seemed to be the only one in the world… was it worth the effort? Yes!! He pulled off what I thought was impossible, EVERY tiny file came back to the place it belonged, and my client was more than thrilled! Thank you, Matt!

Bill Hare Productions - The Official Site of Bill Hare - Award Winning A Cappella Recording, Mixing and Mastering Services

Client 3


Synthesizer-Musik von Beat Weder, Switzerland


It works! I can convert the SD2 files to Wavs !! 
I am very, very happy!

​I've been waiting for this 15 years!

Thank you

SOUNDART Synthesizer-Musik von Beat Weder



Canada, Ontario

Client 7


Remixer and DJ, Canada, Montreal

Matt recovered every single file from Mezzo tapes of varying shapes and sizes, even when the first tape was missing!

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Data Recovery Services, USA, Florida

Client 4


ex Helloween, 
Masterplan Grapow Studios, Slovakia

MASTERPLAN Official Website 

Roland Grapow | Facebook

Grapow Studios - Home | Facebook

After more than 10 years of searching for an ability to recover my old Mezzo back up tapes, I finally found

I was very happy with the result and the communication.

Finally I have my old album session from 2001 recovered.

Clients: Clients
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